We help businesses
to innovate like designers.

Blitzkickers are designers that know how to talk business.
With our user-centered approach we aim to innovate your business model.

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  • "The faster we make our ideas tangible, the sooner we will be able to evaluate them, refine them, and zero in on the best solution"
    Tim Brown (IDEO.org)
  • "The goal of a leanstartup is to move through the build-measure-learn feedback loop as quickly as possible"
    Eric Ries (The Lean Startup)
  • "We are at a critical point where rapid change is forcing us to look not just to new ways of solving problems but to new problems to solve"
    Tim Brown (IDEO.org)
  • "Our future prosperity depends on the quality of our collective imaginations"
    Eric Ries (The Lean Startup)
  • "Design thinking is neither art nor science nor religion. It is the capacity, ultimately, for integrative thinking"
    Tim Brown (IDEO.org)

Ever heard of a Blitzkicker?

We are a strategic innovation consultancy. We create Blitzkickers:
people that innovate like designers. Design thinking is our religion
and coolness is the message we spread across the world.

We disrupted for

Our philosophy.

We strongly believe in the power of business combined with design thinking principles. Design teaches us how to get out of your comfort-zone, change your perspective and come up with novel ideas. All with just one goal in mind; creating effective innovative solutions.