Design Thinking at work

In need of an innovative organisation? Do you need to tackle complex problems directly linked to your business practice? We help you to solve those problems or build processes that stimulate innovation. We are the outside perspective. We have broad knowledge of strategy, innovation and service & product development. We lift your up and make you the problem solvers. We ensure the solution is generated and backboned by your organisation. Let the magic begin.


Design it yourself. Learn “how to” apply design & business thinking in your organization. Our program supports you to structure creative processes in teams, how to validate ideas and transform it all into a business model. Let’s create an innovative business culture.


Get your business into shape. We bring focus to your company. We map your business, validate assumptions, accelerate insights and build a new and improved business model. Provide your customers with real value solving a true problem.


Generate tons of ideas. Develop solutions in line with your current business practice and insights. Together, during structured creative workshops, we desolate key problems and come up with simple but intelligent product or service solutions.


Become an explorer. Know your business landscape and discover the needs of your stakeholders. Together, we dive into your world, conduct research and come up with insights directly contributing to your value proposition.

Lets start improving.