University Program

Design Thinking Creating Opportunities (DTCO) is a course that teaches honour students from Delft University of Technology to challenge complex and multifaceted issues with the use of Design Thinking: incorporating both the alpha (social) and the beta (technical) side of the brain.

In today’s complex world multidisciplinary approaches are needed to solve (innovation) problems. Design Thinking philosophy incorporates methods and approaches to oppose, structures, solve and combine both (technical) feasibility and human needs and desires.

The course teach students to apply Design Thinking and Startup methodology on their own discipline. This includes product/service development, business modelling, creative problem solving etc. Within 10 weeks students are trained by experts to systematically solve wicked problems in multidisciplinary teams. We always partner with a company to provide the students with challenges to solve.

The challenges will be solved during a workshop event and will be presented to the company during the pitch event. Previous years we collaborated with Dutch ministry of Infrastructure, Coolblue (biggest e-commerce player of Holland) and Uber. As result, several solutions, created by the students are integrated in the business practice of those companies.